Prospect: a collaboration with Simon Carter Naze Tower Essex

Prospect: a collaboration with Simon Carter Naze Tower Essex
July 5, 2019 jane

Prospect: a joint exhibition with Simon Carter & Jane Frederick 22 June- 01 Sept 2019  Naze Tower Walton on the Naze


The Naze Tower is an eighteenth century curiosity that punctuates the rugged Essex coastal landscape around Walton. This unique environment can appear endless & unbroken as the sea stretches relentlessly ahead; unmistakable in its form, the navigation mark looms skyward in the form of a monolithic silhouette. I have long been fascinated by the theatrical visual presence of the Tower & how it forcefully punctuates the environment, enabling us to locate our own scale & position within that space. Over the period of a year sketching on site, I have become increasingly interested in the structure of the skies & in particular how surrounding cloud formations present dramatic perspectives & interesting counterpoints to the vertical structure.
In preparation for painting, I began making tonal charcoal drawings, working as directly as possible using my hands to disperse the charcoal dust on the surface of the paper, observing the complex relationships between sky, earth & building. This prepared me to explore the dramatic potential of colour: saturating and illuminating the hues that naturally occur in the area, manipulating ambiguities in the picture plane. What is essentially vapour in the atmosphere, suggests its own theatrical form & solidity, allowing me to visually navigate the position of the Tower on land & above.

I will be leading an En Plein Air Drawing Workshop at The NazeTower on Saturday 6th July 10-1pm. Contact the Naze Tower for booking details.

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