Painting as terrain

Painting as terrain
January 30, 2019 jane

Painting as terrain

Curator’s Introduction

How can paint be terrain? Clearly it can be used to paint landscape as terrain and thus portray the artist’s subjective view of the world. But it is also, as material in the process of its application, a space for the artist’s mind to find itself. Paint as hard grounded texture, fine washes like a flowing river and layers of paint sprayed on to the canvas can speak, opening in the spectator a space to experience.

The seven painters in this exhibition seem to have in common a search for an imaginative primary creativity, a space for being. Heidegger defined this as ‘the ground of existence prior to all knowledge’. The materiality and process of using paint is the ideal way to capture this intangible expanse of life. The painted surface creates a space for being for both artist and spectator.

The British psychoanalyst D W Winnicott’s concept of ‘potential space’ posits just such an area of experience between reality and fantasy which functions as a container for being. The space of these paintings, then, becomes a place to find the self in our complicated, digital world.

Jyoti Bharwani

Painting as terrain is kindly supported by Contemporary British Painting

The Crypt, St. Marylebone Parish Church, London, NW1 5LT 19.1.2019- 26.4.2019