East Contemporary Art: A collection of 21st Century Practice

East Contemporary Art: A collection of 21st Century Practice
September 17, 2013 jane


Jane Frederick is invited to donate work to the new East Contemporary Art Collection, housed at University College Suffolk.

Locating the Domain-Waiting will be on exhibition from September 24th–November 13th at UCS Waterfront Gallery alongside works by Maggie Hambling, Simon Carter and James Dodds.

The collection is the initiative of Robert Priseman and Simon Carter who set out to create a new contemporary art collection, Robert Priseman says,   “The East Contemporary Art Collection is home to some of the very best contemporary art held in East Anglia. It provides a gateway for anyone who wishes to see some of the finest examples of work by artists of national and international importance living and working in the East of England today.”

UCS is proud to house this permanent collection that captures the diversity of practice in the region and re – affirms the importance of artists’ work to our creative journey. It signals the development of the relationships between artists and UCS’ academic staff and students and will impact on wider community engagement. It also has the potential to open discussion on practice and process, and provides a platform for wider arts debates.

Waiting  Acrylic and enamel on canvas 150 x 150 cm